Misha Hollenbach

Misha Hollenbach’s practice explores methods of merging contemporary culture with tribalism. Working across the mediums of collage, screenprinting, sculpture and installation, his work is often driven by carnal desire, and a return to the basics/basis of human existence: evidenced by his yoga/sex collages, or exploration of abject bodily functions. Gesturing towards the legacy of Dadaism, Hollenbach is compelled to collect images and found objects, reconfiguring them as art objects to create new meanings through association.

As one half of clothing label and publisher PAM and the driving force behind art/music super group THE CHANGES, Hollenbach has exhibited nationally and internationally, touring Italy during Milan Design Week, at such venues as Mu Gallery, Eindhoven; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; Alleged Gallery, New York; Colette, Paris; and Deitch Projects, New York. Hollenbach graduated from a BFA (Painting) at RMIT in 1991, after a number of years of exhibiting collaboratively as part of THE CHANGES he embarked on a solo career as an artist in 2009.

Hollenbach's solo exhibitions include Holey Hole!, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2011; Forewards, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2010; Indispensable Duties, y3k, Melbourne, 2009; Stool, Black & Blue, Sydney, 2009; hot Yoghurt, New Image Art Los Angeles Project Room, Los Angeles, 2009; Reaggae (with Peter Sutherland), Utrecht Gallery, Tokyo, 2010; Snap! (with Peter Sutherland), Target Gallery, Tokyo, 2010; Forewards, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2010; Pink & Brown, Seems Gallery, NYC, 2010; and Do/No/Go Nuts, Family Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011. Group exhibitions include Figure and Ground, curated by Melissa Loughnan and Jane O'Neil, Utopian Slumps, 2012; In the Gardens, curated by Misha Hollenbach, Utopian Slumps, 2011; Batteries Not included, curated by Joseph Allen Shae, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 2009; ONESHOT WERKSTETTE, Dronning Olgas Vej 23, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009; why freak? mmm'kay, Y3K, Melbourne, 2009; Smoke Bath slideshow, 208 E., NY, 2010; To the road less traveled – wishing you love and happiness and curiosity forever, V1 Gallery, Denmark, 2010; Space Invaders, National Gallery of Art, Canberra, 2010; and Status, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, 2011. Hollenbach's work is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and various private collections in Australia and overseas. He will hold his next solo exhibition with Utopian Slumps at Art Fair Tokyo in late March 2012.