The Great Indoors

William Mackinnon

Saturday 14 April - Saturday 5 May 2012

Mackinnon’s large cinematic roadscapes are painted from memory and imagination  — of roads recently and less recently travelled. Traversing the Australian landscape through the long night, the paintings in The Great Indoors invite contemplation. These are not the roads of longing and escape, as seen in his previous work, but are tinged with optimism. These new road paintings will be exhibited alongside a new experimental project from the artist, a series of otherworldly hand-painted lenticular prints. Poppy, playful family portraits where double adapters and power boards stand in for family members. Sprinklers hover above the picture plane. This is Mackinnon in full swing exploring the possibilities of painting.

The opening of The Great Indoors will coincide with the launch of William’s Highs and Lows project, a book and film produced with funding assistance from the Australia Council. Mackinnon's seven minute Highs and Lows documentary can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Image: William Mackinnon, Family Portrait, 2012, oil on linen, 1800 x 3600mm  


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