The Payback



Collaboratively, Kibel/Ryder will present a series of turntable paintings on vinyl that converge sight and sound, and will be accompanied by an audio soundtrack from rock and experimental music icon Ollie Olsen. This audio/visual grouping of works will also extend to a selection of combine neon sculptures.

This is the second installment from Kibel/Ryder, who investigate the intersections of popular culture and its various materials and treat these junctions as possible formats for the production of new work.

Some Helpful Pointers / or a Kind of Manifesto for the Moment:

  • 1. Two painters working on a project: One prefers tea, the other prefers coffee, but both will drink either. Again one like’s whisky, the other beer, but both will drink either.
  • 2. One painter likes the paint brush, the other one prefers it out of a can, but they use both anyway.
  • 3. No gimmicks, no proposed reinterpretation of explosions: however there might be some real ones.
  • 4. Avoid taxes where possible.
  • 5. Avoid organised religions like one would avoid taxes (it has the same effect).
  • 6. Gambling like they say is an artist’s game (everyone’s a winner).
  • 7. Never believe the 10 Rules of Rock and Roll (or any for that matter, as that’s just not rock and roll, so here are some for free).
  • 8. Sex is the devils work (and like we all know it keeps this wonderful world going around).
  • 9. Avoid ‘rigorous’ activities, like one should avoid rigormortis.
  • 10. Drugs while fun; everyone knows that they are bad juju.
  • * Giles Ryder, Sydney and Jeremy Kibel, Melbourne, May 2010-05-19

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