16 May 2011

Fergus Binns joins Utopian Slumps

Utopian Slumps is pleased to announce the addition of Fergus Binns to its stable of represented artists.

Binns is a conceptual painter whose work has explored depictions of colonial Australia, national identity, the environment, art history, consumerism and popular culture. His most recent body of work,Toy Paintings, explores multi narrative myth-based landscapes in which he considers the paintings to be toys themselves. Another recent series, his paintings on two dollar shop Paintwell Artist Canvases, explore ideas of amateur vs. professional, home-based craft and hobbyist practices and media-saturated pop imagery.

Binns will contribute to a group exhibition curated by Melissa Loughnan and Helen Hughes at Utopian Slumps from 24 June to 16 July 2011 and will hold his first solo exhibition at Utopian Slumps in 2012.