18 January 2012

Musak Angin

This weekend, over three days only, Utopian Slumps will present Masuk Angin/Soundtracks from represented artist Dylan Martorell.

Masuk Angin is a three-piece junk exotica robot band exploring improvisation, movement and sound. The band played at Sugar Mountain Festival last weekend, viewable here.

SOUNDTRACKS is a new publication recently produced in collaboration with Asialink for the Jakarta Biennale, which Martorell exhibited at in December last year. The publication includes documentation of the project accompanied by writing from Amelia Barikin and Christopher L G Hill.

A series of street-based collaborative nomadic music events will be held under the moniker Soundtracks across three countries in 2012.

Masuk Angin / Soundtracks will take place at Utopian Slumps over the following dates and times:

Performance and publication launch
Thursday 19 January 6 - 8pm (with human collaborators)

Friday 20 January 12 - 3pm
Saturday 21 January 12 - 7pm (with human collaborators)