Art Fair Tokyo

Utopian Slumps participated in Art Fair Tokyo with VENUS (double spout) from represented artist Misha Hollenbach from 30 March to 1 April 2012.

VENUS (double spout), consisting of a new series of hand painted screen prints and a neon ceramic sculpture, formed a deeper investigation into Hollenbach's ongoing explorations of the past through archaeological ruins and totemic imagery.

Hollenbach’s practice merges contemporary culture with visionary primitivism. Working across the mediums of installation, sculpture, screen printing and collage, his work is driven by the notions of carnal desire and primal need: a return to the basics and (un)basis of human existence. Gesturing toward the legacy of Dadaism, Hollenbach reconfigures found objects and images to create new meaning through their surreal and often confronting associations.